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Elites, política y desigualdades en América Latina

Los efectos de la pandemia de covid-19, junto con la vigencia política del progresismo y la pervivencia de la protesta social, han vuelto a subrayar la cuestión de las desigualdades y, con ella, la de las elites. Investigadoras e investigadores del Laboratorio de Conocimiento “Confrontando las desigualdades en América Latina: Perspectivas sobre riqueza y poder explorar estas dimensiones en el tema central del número 303 de la revista Nueva Sociedad, desde diferentes ángulos y perspectivas.


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FIAR Vol. 15.2 (Dec. 2022) Struggles over Mining and Territory in Latin America

The nexus between extractivist activities, mining conflicts and territory has become increasingly visible and discussed both in social movements and local struggles as well as in academic debates, especially in Latin America (Göbel y Ulloa 15).

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Violencias y resistencias. América Latina entre la historia y la memoria

Historical studies of violent pasts in Latin America are intrinsically connected to memory studies and, more broadly, to memory politics and memorial cultures. Struggles to explain the construction of the present reflect how societies constantly seek to reinterpret their past, leading to strong political debates and conflicts. The question of how to deal with traumatic past experiences, often related to political violence, has become an issue of great social relevance in many Latin American countries.

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La horizontalidad en las instituciones de producción de conocimiento: ¿Perspectiva o paradoja?

Every knowledge producer linked to an institution has experienced the imperatives that, through rules and hierarchies, channel the production of knowledge and limit the results generated there.

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Recordar para perdurar. La participación del cine en la reparación de experiencias traumáticas

Film constitutes a powerful cultural tool that operates in multiple ways in the rescue of memories, as well as in the collective reparation and interdisciplinary conceptualization of traumatic experiences in communities devastated by systematic violations of their fundamental rights. It reviews and makes perceptible the prolongations of silenced or legitimized political violence both in the individual and in the social fabric disrupted by disturbing traces that disrupt existence and coexistence.

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La politicación feminista e indígena en Abya Yala. Encrucijadas y discontinuidades

Based on dialogues and the collection of documentary material in seven countries of three sub-regions during a decade, Andrea Ivanna Gigena addresses in this essay the feminist politicization in Latin America and the Caribbean / Abya Yala in its relation with the women of the "Plural Indigenous Movement". She reflects on the historical conditions and genealogical constructions on which we are currently discussing or disputing the question of the subject of feminism.

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Narrativas de exesclavizados afroamericanos. Conflictos de autoría

The central subject of the book is the conflict unleashed by the authorship of autobiographies written by people of African descent, enslaved in the Americas, during the 18th and 19th centuries. The book deals with the cases of three male and one female author whose testimonial narratives have been widely disseminated since they were written: Olaudah Equiano, Mary Prince, Juan Francisco Manzano and Mahomma Gardo Baquaqua.

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Figuraciones de la violencia. Sociología de novelas latinoamericanas

The relationship between sociology and literature has always been characterized by conflicts and complementarities. Since the end of the 19th century, a new episteme on the knowledge of reality and the unrealities that configure it has been consolidated. Whether as a challenge to understand the "human comedy" or as a way of discovering the unconscious, commodity fetishism or the enigma of modernity, sociology and literature have walked the crossroads of the sociological imagination.

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Los prejuicios lingüísticos en México

In a country as diverse as Mexico, where 68 indigenous languages and many variants of Spanish are spoken, linguistic prejudices continue to be reproduced both in the educational and institutional context and in everyday practices associated with language use. Despite so much linguistic variety, it is important to eradicate the belief that the only correct and valid way to speak and produce knowledge is through the use of "standard" Spanish represented by normative grammars.

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Etnicidad y autonomía en Cherán K'eri: una reflexión horizontal

In 2011, the inhabitants of the town of Cherán (Michoacán), tired of the dispossessions they suffered at the hands of organized crime, spontaneously initiated not only a process of self-defense, but also an unprecedented political project for their self-determination as an original and autonomous P'urhépecha community. This case raises the question that guides this paper: How to understand Cherán's autonomous political project from an ethnic perspective?

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La guerra en Ucrania. Miradas desde América Latina

The escalation of the conflict in Eastern Europe following the invasion of Russian troops into Ukrainian territory on February 24, 2022 has immediately become a crisis of global dimensions and consequences. Although Latin America and the Caribbean are supposedly far from the war, they are not exempt from the impacts and political or economic repercussions.

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