Strategic identities and crisis in Latin America. Processes and tensions

The Knowledge Laboratory "Strategic identities and crisis in Latin America. Processes and tensions" deals with the notions and interrelations of identities and crisis in Latin America from an interdisciplinary approach between the social sciences, humanities and the arts./p> The Laboratory analyzes the way in which social change -induced by constant crises- is perceived and how this is reflected by different social actors in various fields, from politics, economics, cultural and artistic production, the media and social movements.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, this social change has been expressed through a high level of political and economic conflict and social struggle between hegemonic powers and subalternized identities. Thus, the Laboratory considers, among other issues, the struggles for cultural visibility and territorial restitution in the case of ethnic identities such as the Mapuche; the legal prosecution of the ongoing violence against women and LGTBQ+ people; the dignification of Afro identities; class identity threatened by the constant global economic crises; migratory flows, resulting from growing social inequality; the rights of youth; and the historically excluded regions within this subcontinent.

Consequently, the invitation of this Laboratory is to reflect on how identities are constructed and reconstructed, which are the social and individual actors that participate in these processes and how they are represented or what forms these identities take; that is, we analyze their variations, ruptures and rifts, the contortions both in images, concepts and in the aesthetic manifestations that constantly condense and reinvent them.

The Laboratory focuses on four axes:

- Disputes over identity and visions of the future in and from Latin America. Knowledge, ideas and languages of the crisis.
- Economic crises and its impact on identities: reconfigurations, ruptures and marks.
- Crisis of representation and new identities among the actors of democratic public life.
- Strategic identities and crisis in Latin America: the example of indigenous peoples.


Strategic identities and crises

Lines of research