CALAS publishes

Coping with crisis from Latin America

CALAS publishes the spanish-language collection of essays "Afrontar las crisis desde América Latina" to reflect critically on the most pressing conflicts in the region and to enter into a dialogue of diverse disciplines and t0 points of view in search of possible ways to cope with the multiple crises.

The essays are simultaneously published by a network of five international university publishers:

Digital versions can be freely downloaded from this page. In addition, tranlations of selected essays in other languages (German, English, Portuguese) are also available.

Books and journals

This section presents CALAS books based on scientific events and their various lines of research. In addition, CALAS members and researchers collaborate in prestigious journals to publish their work results.

Podcast: Latin American Accents

CALAS: Latin American Accents, it is a series that reflects on the crisis facing Latin America. This podcast is a platform that gives voice to researchers from the CALAS through dialogues and interviews emphasize the debates.


An electronic bulletin is published monthly that informs about events, new calls, publications, and presents profiles and interviews of researchers who collaborate with CALAS.

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List of publications

This section updates the data from publications of CALAS members and fellows related to the various research topics of the center.