Regional Center Southern Cone and Brazil


Board of Directors

Lucas G. Christel
Claudia Hammerschmidt
Leandro Losada
Adriana Petra
Hans-Jürgen Burchardt


María Emilia Reiszer
Claudia Tomadoni
Rebeca Ramos Padrón


The Southern Cone Regional Center of Maria Sibylla Merian CALAS will have its epicenter at the National University of San Martín, a public and free institution of higher education, located strategically in the district of General San Martín in Buenos Aires, in a joint collaboration with the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany).

UNSAM offers a space for excellence in teaching, research training, cultural development and social transformation. Created in 1992, it has an extensive program of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses, with 22,500 students, 16,416 graduates, 750 researchers and 1,710 teachers from different areas. In addition, the multiple links maintained by this institution with different research and development agencies in Argentina and abroad places it in an important place of recognition.

Strengthening international academic cooperation in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences will contribute to building bonds between researchers from participating countries and long-term links between universities. Social and cultural research will be enriched by dialogue and knowledge of other points of view and different traditions. The research, collaboration and cooperation between the different institutions will address issues related to social, cultural and political crises, as well as issues of identity, belonging, territories and demands. CALAS Southern Cone aims to stimulate the lines of research and the theoretical and methodological debates for interdisciplinary and interregional approaches.