Open calls

1. CALAS Guest Chair Germany (Bielefeld and Kassel)

CALAS and the universities of Bielefeld and Kassel have opened a call for applications for a Visiting Professor position in Germany. The program is organized in collaboration with the Center for Inter-American Studies (CIAS) at Bielefeld University and the Center for Latin American Studies (CELA) at the University of Kassel. The fellowship includes a four-month stay at both universities between April and July 2023. It is open to scholars interested in Latin America who seek to understand the experiences of crisis in the region both from teaching and research. The Chair aims to promote transdisciplinary research on crises, the processes of social change that accompany them and the role that different actors play in these processes..

The call is open until July 15, 2022. The conditions can be consulted here.

2. International Short film competition

The aim of this film contest is to collect experiences and proposals from different regions of the world and make them visible so that other people might encounter inspiration in their example. The present call invites the submission of short films expressing good social-environmental and good (co)living practices. We are interested in the great diversity of projects and themes related to this topic, like climate justice (socially just and climate-friendly alternatives in transportation and housing), alternatives to extractavism related to the production and supply chain of electronic devices (for example, cell phones) or textiles, and food sovereignty, among others.

The call is upon until October 30, 2022. Conditions can be consulted here.

3. Plataform for Diálogue: Territories and identities in dispute. Poetics and politics from the South, Buenos Aires, October 28-29, 2022

CALAS se caracteriza por una colaboración interdisciplinar entre las ciencias sociales y las humanidades, por lo que se ha propuesto desarrollar líneas de investigación transdisciplinarias mediante la interacción continua entre diversos temas: violencia y paz, desigualdades sociales, crisis ecológicas, identidades, o cambio político, entre otros. Para promover esta colaboración, CALAS ha creado un espacio donde se reflejan una serie de convergencias y divergencias entre las humanidades y las ciencias sociales. La Plataforma para el Diálogo «Cambio social y transiciones en América Latina. Abordajes interdisciplinarios» está dedicada al estudio de los cambios sociales y las transiciones en América Latina desde esta perspectiva.

La convocatoria está abierta hasta el 1 de julio de 2022. Las condiciones se pueden consultar aquí.

4. Platform for Dialogue: Social change and transitions in Latin America. Interdisciplinary approaches, Quito, November 24-25, 2022

CALAS is characterized by an interdisciplinary collaboration between the social sciences and the humanities, which is why it has proposed to develop transdisciplinary research through the continuous interaction between different topics: violence and peace, social inequalities, ecological crises, identities, or political change, among others. To promote this collaboration, CALAS has created a space where a series of convergences and divergences between the humanities and social sciences are reflected. The Platform for Dialogue "Social Change and Transitions in Latin America. Interdisciplinary Approaches" is dedicated to the study of social change and transitions in Latin America from this perspective..

La convocatoria está abierta hasta el 1 de julio de 2022. Las condiciones se pueden consultar aquí.

5. Plataform for Dialogue: Cold War and coups d'état in Latin America (70 years after the Bolivian coup d'état 1952)

This Platform for Dialogue aims to recover the discussion on coups d'état in Latin America during the period 1947-1990, their implementations, their collateral effects, the economic-social thinking that motivated them, their impacts and their effects on the present. It also proposes to contribute to a history of the concept of "coup d'état", its uses and abuses and its interrelations with political, social and military history. It will offer a space to present and discuss individual experiences, academic analysis, political positions, literary and artistic representations, and the history of the coup d'état..

La convocatoria está abierta hasta el 1 de julio de 2022. Las condiciones se pueden consultar aquí.