Open calls

1. Platform for Dialogue: Who is afraid of peace? Circumstances and factors of the unwillingness of non-violent conviviality

Given the current crisis scenario with several new armed conflicts taking place at regional levels, but with global implications, it is urgent to question the evident lack of willingness to live in peace. In this sense, the Platform proposes a critical dialogue between Latin America and Europe that explores the perspectives of both on the little eagerness for peace in the present. In this context, the new war scenarios in Europe and the world are perceived and reflected upon from Latin America. The objective of the event is to better understand how peace, an issue that is supposedly at the center of the desires of all humanity, becomes an object of mistrust, fear and repulsion. Hence, the call is addressed to researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities who wish to contribute to the topics presented in empirical as well as theoretical and methodological terms.

The call is open until March 4, 2024. Conditions can be consulted here.