The Board of Directors is composed of four members, two from the headquarters in Guadalajara or Latin America and two from German Universities.

Sarah Corona Berkin
Olaf Kaltmeier
Hans-Jürgen Burchardt
Gerardo Gutiérrez Cham

The German-Latin American Steering Committee is composed of members representing the 8 affiliated institutions, alongside the Board of Directors.

María Fernanda López Sandoval
Karla Planter
Werner Mackenbach
Luciana Anapios
Christine Hatzky
Angela Schrott
Wilfried Raussert
Claudia Hammerschmidt

The Project management is located at the headquarters in Guadalajara, supported by additional staff working at the German universities of Bielefeld and Kassel.

Silke Berger
Jochen Kemner
Nadine Pollvogt
Fernanda Oliveira de Souza
Claudia Otazua Polo
Ann-Kathrin Volmer
Olvia A. Maisterra Sierra
Philip Fehling
Anja Habersang
Jan-Michael Vogt
Alejandro Grimson
David Diaz Arias
Valeria Coronel
Joachim Michael