FIAR Vol. 15.2 (Dec. 2022) Struggles over Mining and Territory in Latin America

The nexus between extractivist activities, mining conflicts and territory has become increasingly visible and discussed both in social movements and local struggles as well as in academic debates, especially in Latin America (Göbel y Ulloa 15). Considering the role and impact of mining as well as the emerging field of research, this special issue sets out to show and analyze the specificities of current struggles in the mining sector and territorial tensions that have been created in Latin America, and develop and change longside institutional settings and current dynamics of global demand and discourses.


Ann-Kathrin Volmer, Bielefeld University, Germany
Anna Preiser, University of Vienna, Austria
Tyanif Rico Rodríguez , Bielefeld University, Germany:
Introduction: Struggles over Mining and Territory in Latin America

Tyanif Rico Rodríguez, Bielefeld University, Germany
Ann-Kathrin Volmer, Bielefeld University, Germany:
Usos y definiciones del territorio en contextos de explotación minera: Miradas al Macizo Colombiano

Javier Lastra-Bravo, Instituto de Sociología Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH), Alemania:
El avance del neoextractivismo y la defensa por los recursos y patrimonios naturales. El caso del proyecto Minera Dominga en Chile y la lucha por territorio

Quincy Stemmler, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany:
Socio-Environmental Conflicts and Institutions in Resource-Based Economies: The Case of Mining in Peru and Colombia

Jimena Pesquero Bordón, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Mining Policy and Subnational Tensions: A New Stage in The Cycle of Environmental Conflict in Twenty-First Century Argentina

Lorena E. Olarte-Sánchez, University of Vienna, Austria
Anna Preiser, University of Vienna, Austria
Nina Schlosser, Berlin School of Economics and Law, University of Vienna, Austria:
Reproducing the Imperial Mode of Living in Times of Climate Crisis: Green(ing) Extractivisms and Eco-territorial Conflicts in the Chilean, Mexican and Peruvian Mining Sector

Imayna Caceres, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria
Alfredo Ledesma, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria:

Thinking through Art, Drawing and Performance Ontological Conflicts That are at the Core of Mining Struggles

Editoras invitadas: Ann-Kathrin Volmer, Anna Preiser, Tyanif Rico
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Monday, January 23, 2023