La politicación feminista e indígena en Abya Yala. Encrucijadas y discontinuidades

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Based on dialogues and the collection of documentary material in seven countries of three sub-regions during a decade, Andrea Ivanna Gigena addresses in this essay the feminist politicization in Latin America and the Caribbean / Abya Yala in its relation with the women of the "Plural Indigenous Movement". She reflects on the historical conditions and genealogical constructions on which we are currently discussing or disputing the question of the subject of feminism.

Andrea Ivanna Gigena, born in 1976, feminist, holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, a Master in Public Administration from the National University of Córdoba and a degree in Political Science from the Catholic University of Córdoba. She is an adjunct researcher at CONICET / CConFInEs-UNVM and lecturer in Social Research Methodologies. She has been a researcher or visiting professor in several countries, such as Chile, Panama, Colombia and Fellow CALAS at the Andes (FLACSO) in 2020. Her main research topics are feminism, ethnicity and politics in Latin America and the Caribbean / Abya Yala.

Gigena, Andrea
Friday, November 25, 2022