Los prejuicios lingüísticos en México

In a country as diverse as Mexico, where 68 indigenous languages and many variants of Spanish are spoken, linguistic prejudices continue to be reproduced both in the educational and institutional context and in everyday practices associated with language use. Despite so much linguistic variety, it is important to eradicate the belief that the only correct and valid way to speak and produce knowledge is through the use of "standard" Spanish represented by normative grammars.

Throughout a student's academic life in Mexico, he/she is likely to encounter a series of linguistic corrections, as Spanish continues to be taught under prescriptivist perspectives. Linguistic bias has many faces.

This first installment of the Undisciplined Knowledge series entitled "Linguistic Bias in Mexico" sets out to uncover the most widespread myths about languages and variants in Mexico.

Beatriz Nogueira Beltrao
Línea de trabajo: 
Monday, August 29, 2022

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