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Investigador laboratorio “Visiones de Paz”

Daniela Celleri

Associate Researcher at the Department of Sociology of the Leibniz University in Hanover and Professor-Researcher at the Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales in Ecuador. She is currently researching the situation and contribution of immigrants in Ecuador, based on the collection of quantitative and qualitative data on discrimination and access to rights, with the purpose of establishing a scientific basis for the elaboration of Inclusion Policies.


Sonya Lipsett-Rivera

Professor of the History Department of Carleton University, Canada. Her work focuses on gender, violence, space, the body and emotions in Nueva España and Mexico in the 19th century. Her research project in CALAS is entitled “Gender and Violence Cycles: Conflict Moments in Latin America as Gender Identity Generators”.


Natalia Quiceno

Natalia Quiceno Toro (Doctor in Social Anthropology. National Museum. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) is a professor and researcher at the Institute of Regional Studies of the University of Antioquia. She is attached to the research group Culture, violence, and territory. Her works focus on topics such as forced mobility, exile, memory, ethnographies of violence, and political transitions. In the last 10 years, she has worked with Afro-Colombian victims' collectives in the North Pacific region of Colombia.


Timo Schaefer

History scholar specialized in Latin American history at the University of Toronto Mississauga. He conducts research on politics, legal culture and social movements in the 19th and 20th centuries in Mexico. His research project on CALAS is entitled “Violent Democracy: Raúl Gatica and Mexican Politics. 1963-2006”.


Lilian Paola Ovalle

Professor and researcher in the Psychology course of studies of the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. She specializes in the analysis of the social damage caused by antidrug policies. Her research project in CALAS is entitled “Premature Memory. Remembering and Reparation in Social Violence Contexts”.


Jaime Ginzburg

Professor of Brazilian Literature at Universidade de São Paulo and researcher of Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico. He conducts research on the relationship between culture and violence, emphasizing productions related to authoritative regimes in Brazil. His research project in CALAS is entitled “Violence Representations in the Cinema of Brazil and Mexico”.


Juan Pablo Gómez

Researcher and professor at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Social Sciences of the Universidad Centroamericana. He conducts research on memory construction processes regarding the recent past of Nicaragua and Central America. His research project in CALAS is entitled “Uses of Recent Past and Memory in the Transition to Peace in Nicaragua: Politics, Stakeholders, Discourses, Devices”.


Héctor M. Leyva

Professor at the School of Literature and Spanish Language of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras. His work aims at articulating cultural and literary criticism with the search of responses to extreme violence situations in Central America. His research project in CALAS is entitled “Fractured Voices: Testimonies of Violence in the North Triangle of Central America”.


Ileana Rodríguez

Ileana Rodríguez (Ph.D. University of California, San Diego) is Professor Emeritus in Humanities and Distinguished Professor from The Ohio State University. Her books deal with the intersection of gender, politics, and sexuality, with a particular focus on sexual abuse, male perversion, and state collaboration on these issues. She also argues the culture as the basic support of the political.


Research line:

The Prose of the Counterinsurgency.


José Vicente Tavares dos Santos

Jose Vicente Tavares dos Santos is Senior Professor of Sociology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Director of the ILEA - Latin American Institute for Advanced Studies (2012-2020) - UFRGS. Doctorat d’Etat from the University of Paris - Nanterre (1987). Researcher at CNPq - National Council for Scientific and Technological Development; Former president of ALAS - Latin American Sociological Association (2003-2005) and SBS - Brazilian Society of Sociology (1998-2001).