Pandemia y crisis: El Covid-19 en América Latina

The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused an unprecedented multi-crisis. Its consequences are global and all-encompassing, even if they have particularities in the different regions of the world that face it in very unequal conditions. They go beyond a health issue because of the varied and complex repercussions. This volume brings together research from the Social Sciences and Humanities that measure the impacts of the health crisis and governmental measures in Latin America and the Caribbean during the initial phase of the spread of the disease. It analyzes different public policy strategies and looks at how inequalities around COVID-19 revolve around different sides; specifically vulnerable groups and effects on relevant subsystems. In addition, the research focuses on the discourses circulating in the public space in relation to the health crisis which in turn shows the different voices and positions around the pandemic.


Gerardo Gutiérrez Cham, Susana Herrera Lima, Jochen Kemner (eds.): Pandemia y crisis. El Covid-19 en América Latina, Guadalajara: Editorial UdeG 2021.

Gerardo Gutiérrez Cham, Susana Herrera Lima, Jochen Kemner (eds.)
Saturday, May 1, 2021

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