Claudia Briones: Conflictividades interculturales. Demandas indígenas como crisis fructíferas

Fake news, populisms, environmental risks due to the anthropocene are radiating signs of disconcerting crises in recent years. Which other questions should be asked in order to face the uncertainties and concerns that they open up to us? Which new approaches are being rehearsed in the social sciences to confront the challenges we face? Where can we look for more precise and alternative definitions?

This essay explores the evolution of indigenous demands in Latin America as diagnostic areas that indicate failures in coexistence and suggest questions and ways to rethink the times we live in.

Claudia Briones (PhD), Anthropologist, is a principal researcher at CONICET and Professor at the National University of Río Negro, at the Institute for Research on Cultural Diversity and Processes of Change (IIDyPCa). Her articles and book chapters focus on indigenous rights and indigenous politics in Argentina, and particularly involve the cultural production and organization of the Mapuche-Tewelche people. She was a guest researcher at CALAS in 2018/2019.

Línea de trabajo: 
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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