Celia del Palacio: Periodismo de frontera en América Latina. Violencias y desigualdades múltiples

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In Latin America, freedom of expression and the right to information are constantly at risk. Based on a critique of the media models coming from the global north, Celia del Palacio analyzes the multiple inequalities of media workers in contexts of violence, in the so-called "border" zones, where they prove to be more vulnerable. Through in-depth interviews, using listening as a political action, she came to characterize the journalists and their work, which goes against the capitalist models of production, taking into account their own proposals and definitions.

Celia del Palacio (2023). Periodismo de frontera en América Latina. Violencias y desigualdades múltiples, Guadalajara: Editorial Universidad de Guadalajara.



Thursday, September 21, 2023