Horizontalidad. Hacia una crítica de la metodología

To propose today a book on horizontality as a methodological perspective of work in social sciences and humanities implies to see with the spatial metaphor that the word invokes: between a background of vision at the same height of all and a predilection of future, of objective that is crossed out in advance by its own sign: the horizon is always beyond.

The chapters in this work, each in its own way, start from the need to equalize the terms of dialogue between researchers and the researched. Thus, they propose to produce knowledge from a horizontal plane, with scientific and non-academic voices, in order to establish dialogues between knowledge with a method willing to be modified according to the Latin American context, with its own vision. No technical prescriptions are intended to objectify social research. In any case, it is a question of taking the proposal to horizontalize research itself as a problematization: its potentials, its chiaroscuros, its dubious options as well as its political and academic urgencies in the present and situated moment.



Inés Cornejo y Mario Rufer (eds.)
Línea de trabajo: 
Thursday, October 1, 2020

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